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FriendBot Suite now has captcha bypass! Add friends pro instantly
FriendBot Suite 5.1
Auto accept pending friend   requests
• Auto message, comment, or    just aprove!
Get more myspace friends with   adding
• Sends real friend requests!
• Import users from comments,    friends and more
Comment on all of your friends
Comment on unlimited videos
Event and Group inviter
• Send event invites to    everyone on your list!
• Invite all your friends to    groups

The best messaging features
• Search by any demographic on!
• Allows you to search bands
• Message only online users
• Import friends from the page you are on
• Send messages to users with pictures only
• Import the friends of someone else!
• Keeps track of who it has sent to
Unique timed bulletin features
All features have:
• Filter out bands and/or people
• Global age and gender filter
• Free updates for life!

        $55.50       Made for Windows

FriendBot Adder 5.0
• Sends real friend requests!
• Easiest interface ever
• Gender filter, age filter, and NEW band filter!
• Free updates for life!
• Import users from comments, friends and more

There is no program easier to use than FriendBot Adder! This program actually sends real friend requests to real users. No more entering captcha security codes! This programs bypasses all of that hassle! The built in browser lets you navigate wherever you want and import the friends on that page. This allows full range of myspace search functions.

$19.95       Made for Windows Add friends bypass captcha add message friends comment bulletin
FriendBot Deluxe 4.0
The NEW FriendBot Deluxe is a truly multithreaded application, and probably the best software for its purpose there is. This means that you can message, comment, add, and use all the other features all at the same time! No more waiting for one part of the program to finish.

FriendBot Deluxe is by far the easiest to use piece of software there is. We have specialy crafted this for ease of use for everyone.

• Comment friends in your friends list
• Send Message or Friend Requests, or both!
• Turn off/on auto friend approval
• Automaticly comment or message to auto ads
• Send timed bulletins for maximum exposure
• Optional send to only online users
• Set Max messages to send
• Keeps track of who it has sent to
• Advanced Search more accurate that ever!
• Google search feature for more exposure
• Free updates for life!

        $45.95       Made for Windows

myspace message messenger program bot FriendBot Messenger 5.0
• Search by any demographic on!
• Target sexual preference
• Allows you to search bands
• Message only online users
• Import friends from whatever    page you are on
• Send messages to users with    pictures only
• Import the friends of anyone!
• 100% free demo download
• Keeps track of who it has sent to
• The most powerfull bot there is!

      $24.95       Made for Windows

FREE DOWNLOAD FriendBot allows you to almost instantly gain millions of friends on myspace. You simply enter your information, and hit start. FriendBot will instantly add your range of friends you choose. Most other products only add the friends. Ours messages them too! Many users will not add just anyone who adds them. Make sure that you get your users from FriendBot!

When you purchase from FriendBot you will receive the bot instantly in an email, plus a link to download it. No more waiting 24 hours like other bot sale sites.


  • 2007/08/21
    • Full Video site support! FriendBot 5.0 now supports commenting on!
  • 2006/12/08
    • FriendBot 5.0 released! After just over a week we have completly redesigned our flagship product based on user demands. It now has every major feature users have requested since launch in 2004. Get it here!
  • 2006/11/26
    • FriendBot Suite 4.0! Our flagship product is back and with a better rinterface, faster backend, and amazing new features. Get it here!
    • FriendBot Extractor 1.0! Many of our users have requested a program to just extract users from a page. Well we made it, and we are giving it away 100% free. Get it here!
  • 2006/11/22
    • FriendBot Friend Accepter 2.0! One of our biggest products. 100% free. Get it here!
  • 2006/11/21
    • FriendBot Deluxe 4.0 released! A leap and bound for FriendBot. Provides the full power of the Suite version but wihtout the built in the browser allowing for maximum performance. Get it here!
  • 2006/04/10
    • FriendBot UE 2.0 released! Best non built in browser based bot there is. Very innovative. Get it here!
    • FriendBot Messenger Mac 1.2.3 released! Our first mac bot ever! Get it here!
  • 2006/04/09
    • FriendBot Inviter 1.0 released! Now with a built in browser and captcha bypass. Get it here!
    • FriendBot Commenter 1.0 released! Now with a built in browser and captcha bypass. Get it here!
    • FriendBot Friend Auto Accepter 1.0 released! This bot is completly free! Get it here!
    • FriendBot Suite 3.0 released! EVERYTHING IN ONE! Get it here!
  • 2006/04/08
    • FriendBot Messenger 2.0 released! Full built in browser to search bands too. Get it here!
  • 2006/04/06
    • FriendBot Adder 2.0 released! Now with a built in browser and captcha bypass. Get it here!
  • 2006/03/08
    • Combo packs now available! Get extra license keys with your bot! An amazing deal.
  • 2006/03/01
    • New FriendBot Adder! Brand new product. Check it out in the adder section.
  • 2006/02/15
  • 2006/02/15
  • 2006/02/14
  • 2006/02/13
  • 2006/02/08
  • 2006/02/04
    • Brand new messenger! Get it now while you can still get the discount!
  • 2006/01/31
    • We have a new support team! Keep in mind that this is NOT outsourced indian support but high quality american over prices support! They are great and I am sure you will like them. Submit your problems to the support ticket system!
  • 2006/01/05
    • FriendBot Suite 2.2 update released! Make sure you get it or your bot will not work.
  • 2005/12/13
    • FriendBot Suite 2.1 update is now available through the downloads area.
  • 2005/12/03
    • FriendBot Suite 2.0 is here! with new features like, commenting, friend messaging, set max messages, and better advanced search! Pick up your copy in our downloads section today!
  • 2005/11/14
    • You can now purchase individual keys! Buy in bulk and get a discount! You can get them here!
  • 2005/11/11
    • Version Pro 1.8 released
  • 2005/09/16
    • Added support for disabling images (dozens of times faster)
    • Added dynamic user images and name sizes support

Using FriendBot can be beneficial to your band, business, group, or yourself. Make your look like this:

tons of freinds using friendbot


Choose a service

  1. Purchase the Pro version that adds everyone, and detect if you have already added them!
  2. Purchase the ZIP code version to add people arround your zip code
  3. Purchase the macro version to add within your browser and stay undetected!
  4. Purchase them all!
  5. Purchase the Enterprise version of messenger. Search by any demographic!
  6. Purchase the Pro version of messenger. It handles all of the features of the other pro, zip, and macro!
  7. Purchase the Lite version of messenger. The cheapest best way to message people on!

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